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UNSWEPT DUST : Release Date - NOVEMBER 2013

The release date of Unswept Dust, the finale for the Ambivalence trilogy, has been pushed back to November 2013.

I would like to personally apologize to everyone, ESPECIALLY my most loyal readers. There is a lot of restructuring going on, this includes the forming of my company, From Criminal to Credible. I am also releasing revised editions of Ambivalence and No Instructions.

When I began taking this profession seriously, I vowed that I would be original, and would work to become one of the best. I don't want anything subpar lingering in my past regarding editorial issues, formatting, consistency and such. A man should be big enough to know when to slow down, even pause to tighten up when need be. This is exactly what I'm doing.

My aim is THIS, and don't you ever forget it: When you see someone pull up at a store with the radio playing. They're bouncing, nodding their head, eyes closed, zoning out to a song. So much so they won't even turn the car off until the song goes off...I write with the gift and intentions to shackle your attention in the same manner. To have you snapping on anyone who interrupts you while you're reading.

I have a young, brilliant, resourceful young member on my team now, and a part of me has become the student. You will thank me for it:-)

Thank you so much for your patience.