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No Instructions

Muhjahid Qahhar's debut novel Ambivalence: The Beginning entered the genre of urban fiction with a refreshing perspective on prison culture, college life, and street culture. Ambivalence blended together people of varying backgrounds; creating war and romance in the most unlikely places.

No Instructions picks up where Ambivalence left off with tensions mounting between Antwan and Tenaka. It becomes a battle of wits and weaponry. Tenaka is clearly a superior strategist but Antwan is ruthless.

While Tenaka and Professor Sims' relationship hangs in the balance, Tricia is playing to win. Their connection to Tenaka puts both of their lives in jeopardy but amidst the danger passion brews out of control.

In a refreshing surprise and twist two new major characters are introduced. Tyrone is entering prison while Kamau is being released, paralleling the story, one woman receives her man while another loses hers. This relationship-square builds a new story that details every facet of prison culture as well as the women and children who are tied to this epidemic.

No Instructions takes the reader deeper into the mechanisms that form prison culture on both sides of the fence, written with a distinctive intrigue that has become a staple for Mr. Qahhar.