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Moderation, by Muhjahid Qahhar

Posted by Muhjahid Qahhar, Author on September 3, 2013 at 10:40 AM

TO LIVE IN MODERATION is easier said than done. TO NOT LIVE IN MODERATION is one of the leading causes of failure.
We have a child, by age two the whining, crying, clinging, carrying, feeding, mess control, and much more starts to wear on even the most loving parent. By the time they're six, you start to miss the two year old stage. You want to hold them again...sometimes. Truth is, the terrible twos aren't so terrible when there are two parents equally participating. Moderation can make the difference in a good parent and an abusive parent.

SOMETIMES, THE AFFAIR BECOMES HEALTHIER than the actual marriage or relationship. (I am not trying to encourage or promote affairs) The taboo of it contributes to the excitement, not the health. Both parties may have a full life, bills, adult responsibilities. All of these things, plus the mechanics of having an affair, forces them to socialize moderately. Not too much, not too little. It keeps the relationship refreshed. Keeps things spicy. I would like to think there is a technique to do the same with marriage, to keep the relationship afresh. We don't consider these things, we just allow the relationship to grow old and insipid. We do this over and over again, starting out on fire, blazing too high, burning out, or burning too low, fading out. Then we point fingers. The blame game. Maybe...just maybe, it is neither or both of y'all s fault. The breakdown may very well stem from the ignorance of this key principle; moderation.
Whether it involves drinking, eating, sex, work, or play, moderation is key. Too much or too little...begins a process of destruction.

Muhjahid Qahhar
Author of the Ambivalence trilogy

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Reply Cynthia
7:31 PM on September 16, 2013 
Very nice.. so true.
11:44 PM on September 6, 2013 
MODERATION To lessen the intensity or extremeness of / avoiding extremes of behavior or expression / observing reasonable limits

So the saying goes "Too much of anything is not GOOD"

But in the ways of today where too much is" NOT" enough, How is one to know When we have had too

much? Moderation seems to be a thing of the past...I myself have had to learn the HARD way that

Moderation is the key to Success/ happiness in every aspect of my life, with Myself,

Children,Family,Sex,Friends,Food,Affairs,even Working Out and the list goes on and on. Moderation

has to be learned and sadly some people will never get the importance, Excess is the very key to the

destruction of Many things :(