Black Love With No Boundaries. The Future of Urban Literature.

Ambivalence: The Beginning
Tenaka Campbell walks out of prison at thirty-five years old, numb and uncertain. He leaves behind everything that’s been taken; seventeen years of his life, half of his existence. He hears the lions roar behind him as a last reminder of the jungle he’s survived. However, the ambush awaits him just ahead.

 Tenaka has used every tool at his disposal to reconstruct his life and character. He has won the mind and heart of a twenty-two year old student at Hampton University who wants the best for him. So much so, she introduces Tenaka to a promising and beautiful professor whom he struggles to relate to socially and personally. The reality; no amount of reading, meditation and religion in prison can exceed what he needs the most—practice for all his theory.

 A penniless Tenaka is greeted by a childhood friend, Antwan, who is unemployed but rich. The gate closes; locking him out of the world he’s grown to understand and forcing him to face a future in what feels like a foreign land.  No more than a minute ticks into his freedom before he has run out of instructions.