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About Us

 The whole idea of From Criminal to Credible is rooted in and centered around the healing and unification of the black community. We believe that the healing begins with re-education. As the saying goes, Ignorance is not only the absence of knowledge, it is also knowing the wrong things. While we encourage and commend formal education among our people, we cannot overlook the division formal education seems to create among our ranks. With education follows a decreased desire to have children and less patience with the so-called uneducated among us. Interracial relationships are at an all time high. While it may be recreation for other races, it is severely damaging to the black community as we are rapidly losing our identity. And there is the matter of roughly one million able-bodied black men incarcerated in this country. We need sistahs, with or without degrees to rethink and reconsider their views on the average ex-felon since we know that most crime is rooted in ignorance and poverty. Since it is our community they return to, we should have a vested interest in their mindset and ability to be productive. As our website grows we will provide many successful examples of intelligent, virtuous women who took a chance with an ex-felon, and went on to marry him. Many of these brothers became good husbands and fathers, many didn't, but, in 2012, life is unpredictable and there is no getting around it. Let's face it, in a country like America, it is impossible to truly live, without embracing crime in some form or fashion. Our goal is re-education and the removal of many boundaries that have sprung up between our people; boundaries that we did not construct. We've created this mess together, it is unintelligent and uncivilized for us to give up on one another. So brace yourself because we fully intend to blog (Speak Your Mind), publish books and articles, promote books that speak towards our cause until the proper love reverberates throughout our community. We specialize in fiction because we have an uncanny ability to inform and educate  our people through entertainment. From there the sky is the limit. 

 Spearheading our fiction books is Ambivalence: The Beginning by Muhjahid Qahhar. It is the first book from the upcoming Ambivalence trilogy. Now on Kindle. The hard copy is now available on this website. Just visit our webstore.


From Criminal to Credible. The Future of Black at Your Finger Tip.