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What Makes "Being a Husband" Desirable? by Muhjahid Qahhar

Posted by Muhjahid Qahhar, Author on August 25, 2013 at 3:55 PM


While sitting on my front porch taking in some fresh air, I watched a truck pass. It was run down, on its last leg. The man driving is a husband who stays a few houses down from me. He's in his early thirties. His wife pushes a brand new 25-$30,000 car. She sails past daily, windows rolled up, air conditioned, looking like new money. They have one child and earn roughly the same amount of money.
Now, I understand the concept of the male sacrificing for the comfort and security of his family. I do. But in this situation, I can't help but wonder what makes her think this will make for a happy the long run. And for the young man considering marriage in this modern age, they're not impressed with this version of chivalry. In fact, they look at this guy as being soft. In their minds, why should the good guy drive around in the hooptie, lack in his wardrobe...where is the incentive in that?
Women feel like "having a family who is secure" should be rewarding enough, and superficial things shouldn't affect him that way. After all, he's a HUSBAND, he doesn't need anything, any comforts outside of his family right? Me, being a husband, I can certainly say that it is rewarding, but no more rewarding than it is for the wife.
I believe the days of the husband driving a bucket while the wife pushes a space ship is a thing of the past. That whole mentality should have left with the afro, in my opinion. Just because he's a good dude and loves you, doesn't mean he should be reduced to a hewer of wood.
We must be realistic and considerate today. Change is inevitable. If we do not change with the time we are destroyed by time.

Muhjahid Qahhar 

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